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Infographics are an excellent way to convey large amounts of information in a quick and easy-to-digest manner. They’re also visually appealing, which means they can be shared more easily on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Below are four reasons why you should consider using infographics as your next restaurant promotional material.
1. They’re great for social media sharing.
It’s easier to share information in an infographic than it is in text, so your restaurant poster infographics will be better accepted when shared on social media like Twitter and Facebook. This means that people who see them online are more likely to also see them through social media or through someone else sharing the poster. If someone sees your infographic in their news feed or timeline then it’s more likely that they’ll share it too.
2. They can increase your online presence amongst other websites.
Each time a link to your restaurant is shared on social media, the associated image will show up along with a description of the poster and/or infographics depending on the context. If you use infographics as your restaurant posters then this will increase their exposure on social media sites, plus it will increase your search engine optimization (SEO) since other people are now more likely to click your link if they come across it.
3. They can make numbers and statistics easy to understand.
Getting customers’ attention with your restaurant poster materials is easier when you’re using infographics. This is because they’re more visually appealing and easier to decipher compared to straight-on text, so people will naturally follow them around with their eyes on posters or online on social media. Once they see the infographic, they’ll know immediately what it’s all about thanks to its unique design. Remember, people won’t read text on posters or online, but they will follow along with an infographic poster.
4. They can be easily modified for various purposes.
Just like you can create tons of online content using infographics these days thanks to all the printable templates available over the Internet, you can also use them as restaurant poster materials. The possibilities are nearly endless since you can use the same infographic over and over again for various purposes, but with different title text to alter its meaning. This means that it’s easy to create multiple versions of the poster/infographic design, which saves time for your team members who are in charge of updating posters, banners or other printed materials.
How To Create Your Restaurant Poster Using Infographics
The process of creating infographics to use as restaurant poster materials is actually very simple. You do the bulk of the work in terms like numbers and you can always swap out various details that appeal to your target audience or location (such as addresses, logos and phone numbers). Below are three recipes for popular infographic designs that can be used as restaurant poster materials.
Recipe #1 – The Flowchart Infographic.
You’ll want to start with a flowchart infographic since they’re particularly easy to create if you have limited resources. To begin, you’ll need a simple template that includes a large area where text can be placed for the title of the poster and its various sections/bullet points. The title can be placed in the center of the poster, while the bulleted text goes down from there.
When adding your content, remember that each point should have a heading and a question or statement underneath it. Your main image/graphic should go between two points for this one. After completing your poster, make sure to save it in PDF format so you can print it out using an Inkjet printer.
Recipe #2 – The Pyramid Infographic.
To create this infographic, you’ll need an editable template that’s based on the common design of a pyramid (a rectangular shape with the title-text down at the bottom and bulleted text sticking out from it). To begin, you’ll want to create the shape of the pyramid using a rectangular design and then add your title-text and bulleted text into that area.  Once done, save the file as a PDF and print it out with an Inkjet printer.
Of course you can adjust these recipes for use in other ways, such as to promote special events at your restaurant or menu items like new desserts and appetizers. The key is to make it visually appealing and easy to understand while adding some humor to it, too.
As you can see, creating restaurant posters using cool infographics is easy while also being a cost-effective solution that lets you produce multiple units of the same poster for different purposes. This way you save time and money by using the same design over and over again, but with different content/details inserted into it (like phone numbers or addresses).
Recipe #3 – The Infographic Maker.
If you’re struggling to make your own infographic, check out Venngage — an online infographic maker that provides its users a wide range of free infographic templates. To give you an idea, here are some of the best infographics from their website.
benefits of using infographics as restaurant posters | focus – breaking travel news
benefits of using infographics as restaurant posters | focus – breaking travel news
Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about creating restaurant posters using infographics and now have some new ideas on how to promote your business. For more tips/tricks for creating visually-appealing, effective restaurant marketing materials, be sure to use Venngage infographics. What are you waiting for? Create your very own infographic design today!
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