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Data-driven marketing is the strategy that uses data and evidence to formulate marketing campaigns. With the right data, you can understand your customers better. You can also experiment with your marketing campaigns to learn new tricks and enhance the sales process.
More than just collecting and analyzing the data, data-driven marketing is all about the mindset. It guides you to make decisions not based on your whims, expectations, or preferences but based on evidence drawn from a scientific data-driven approach.
The power of data-driven marketing is that it can influence your target audience. It can also influence the channels through which you reach them. Even the content you’d specifically created for them can change.
And most importantly, your budget can also increase or decrease based on data-driven marketing. This is possible because you have the exact idea about how many contacts are responding to your campaigns and where they are coming from.
In the B2B market, it’s more vital than ever to strengthen existing customer relationships. You must also try to build a solid foundation of qualified prospects. A data-driven approach about two decades ago supported interactive reporting.
Today, it uses automated procedures by making the optimum use of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms. B2B data-driven marketing has evolved throughout time. And it is becoming more and more powerful, along with marketers looking forward to include it in their strategy.
B2B marketers following the data-driven approach have mainly two goals to achieve to manage successful campaigns:
1. Learn how to how to acquire data from the correct locations.
2. Learn how to transform it into measurable outcomes.
In these infographics, you have been able to see in comparison to earlier strategies, the future of data-driven marketing today focuses around the use of predictive analytics, which leads to higher ROIs and business success, in this B2B Data-Driven Marketing infographic.
You can also see the fast summary of marketing data evolution, marketers’ opinions on data-driven marketing and its effects, and the numerous challenges that come with acquiring it — and how to plan for strategy and tactics that will help your team with marketing efforts for your company.
Take time to look at the problems, opportunities, and ambitions for data-driven marketing and data analytics in the future. Plan your attack and go for it.
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Rochelle Williams is a Senior Marketing Manager at Span Global Services. She comes with a strong marketing and advertising industry exposure of over 8+ years and has a deep understanding of SEO, SEM, SMO, branding, and allied marketing strategies.