AT&T will offer a 5G phone with mmWave and wireless charging for $220

at&t will offer a 5g phone with mmwave and wireless charging for $220

The Fusion 5G arrives on AT&T’s shelves this Friday, January 7th. | Image: AT&T

AT&T has announced the Fusion 5G, a budget phone with a couple of features previously reserved for much more expensive devices: mmWave 5G and wireless charging. It will cost $219 (or $6.12 per month if you’d rather go that route) when it goes on sale this Friday, January 7th.

Support for mmWave is a bit rare in the under-$300 class — many budget phones only offer the more common but (currently) mediocre sub-6GHz 5G rather than faster but hard-to-find mmWave. In fact, back in the heady, early days of 5G in the US, phones like the Google Pixel 4A were sold in two variants: a cheaper version with sub-6GHz only and a more expensive one with mmWave. A couple of years later, it’s still tough to find a mmWave signal, but at least you don’t…

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