AT&T is giving away six months of Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service

at&t is giving away six months of nvidia geforce now cloud gaming service

Image: Nvidia

At its CES 2022 virtual keynote, Nvidia is announcing a partnership with AT&T to offer six months of GeForce Now cloud gaming service for free. New and existing AT&T customers with a 5G-capable device and qualifying plan can claim the promotion through the service provider, allowing them to stream free-to-play titles and supported PC games they already own on the go with the cloud gaming service.

This promotional offer is for Nvidia’s Priority tier of GeForce Now, not the new RTX 3080 one we recently enjoyed. The Priority tier normally costs $49.99 for a prepaid six-month period (or $9.99 monthly) and includes enough GPU power to add raytracing to some older games at 1080p resolution and at up to 60fps (though you won’t see that in…

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