Asus’s Zenbook 14 OLED Space Edition has a tiny OLED display on the lid

asus’s zenbook 14 oled space edition has a tiny oled display on the lid

See it?

Asus’s line of ultraportable Zenbooks can be hard to distinguish from one another. There are a ton of them, and they all offer a similar look and a similar package. That’s certainly not the case with the new Zenbook 14 OLED Space Edition, which is designed to look like a spaceship. There’s a tiny 3.5-inch OLED display on the lid, which displays various cute space-themed animations, and there are various space-related engravings (including some Morse code) throughout the chassis. I’m not sure how practical of a purchase it will be (especially since Asus hasn’t announced the price yet), but it’s always nice to see companies stepping out of the box with creative designs.

Starting with this tiny OLED thing. It didn’t ultimately impact my…

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