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Almost no architectural style is as whimsical and unique as Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau architecture often attempts to blur the line between building and art, making a space a total work of art. As opposed to a room with incredible art and furniture, designers carefully considered the windows, textiles, murals, sculpture, furniture, and artwork as part of one composition that could be experienced and lived in.
Many of the ideas behind Art Nouveau architecture came as opposition to “academic art,” an idea that would later inspire the larger Art and Crafts Movement. To learn more about the characteristics of Art Nouveau architecture, read all about it in 5 Art Nouveau Buildings That Embody the Elegance of This Architectural Style. Or, you can find some great examples of the style right here.
Keep scrolling to learn about some beautiful works of Art Nouveau in architecture in My Modern Met’s latest infographic on the iconic building style.

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