Are we ready for the smart front door? Masonite thinks so

are we ready for the smart front door? masonite thinks so

The world’s first residential smart door, the Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door, features integrated power and Wi-Fi, a Ring video doorbell, and a Yale smart door lock. | Image: Masonite

Door manufacturer Masonite is showcasing the first residential smart door at CES 2022, highlighting the home building industry’s shift toward embracing connected technology. The concept was announced earlier in 2021, but CES is the first chance most will have to see the door in action.

A collaboration between Masonite, Ring, and Yale, the M-Pwr Smart Door is the first residential exterior door to integrate power, lights, sensors, a video doorbell, and a smart lock into the door system.

Image: Masonite

The Masonite smart door features strategically situated motion-activated lighting alongside a Yale door lock and Ring video doorbell.

The door, a premium fiberglass model available in a variety of styles, colors,…

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