Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro is $150 off today

apple’s m1 macbook pro is $150 off today

The MacBook Pro remains Apple’s top-end option for notebooks with speedy M1 processors. There are talks of new models with a rumored M1X update, but as of now, if you’re looking for the best the M1 has to offer in the shape of a laptop, it’s the late-2020 MacBook Pro. Today, the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro is $150 off at Amazon and Best Buy, bringing it down to $1,150 with 256GB of storage or $1,350 for 512GB. This is the second-best price of all time on the popular laptop from Apple.

We often offer praise for its MacBook Air counterpart, which goes on sale more often and is still currently discounted to $850, but the MacBook Pro is a great upgrade for those seeking a bit more performance with a better, brighter screen. You also get the…

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