Apple’s colorful HomePod Minis are a fun addition to your smart home decor

apple’s colorful homepod minis are a fun addition to your smart home decor

Apple’s HomePod Mini now comes in three new color options.

Three colorful HomePod Minis were announced last month and went on sale this week, adding yellow, orange, and blue options to our smart speaker home decor selections. I got to try out the trio of bright speakers, and have to say I quite like adding a pop of color to my smart home.

Apple is a bit behind the ball here; both Google and Amazon have had color choices for their smart speakers for a while now. The Nest Minis come in coral and light blue colors, and Amazon’s Echo speakers have blue, tiger orange, and Billie Eilish-beige options. But as usual, Apple has gone the extra mile with its design here, creating something quite genuinely delightful.

Each $99 HomePod Mini comes with a matching colored box and a different shimmering,…

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