Apple Pay seems buggy with external Magic Keyboard Touch ID

apple pay seems buggy with external magic keyboard touch id

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Publications like 9to5Mac and Macworld have reported some odd behavior when trying to use Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Touch ID to authenticate for Apple Pay — specifically, that it won’t work if you’re trying to do it with a MacBook that has its display closed, as it would be while running it in “clamshell mode” hooked up to an external monitor.

Obviously, when the MacBook’s lid is closed, you can’t use the built-in Touch ID sensor, so it’s easy to see how this limitation was put in place. But in a world where Apple sells an external keyboard with the sensor (starting at an eye-watering $150), the limitation is so awkward that it feels like a bug. That’s especially true given that the keyboard’s Touch ID functionality only works with…

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