Apple Music might be coming to PS5

apple music might be coming to ps5

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Spotify has been a music streaming option on the PS5 since it launched in November, giving you the option to listen to your favorite music when playing games. Soon, though, the console might get support for another service: Apple Music.

The first clue came earlier this week when a Reddit user posted a picture of Apple Music appearing in the PS5’s music menu. The option apparently showed up after they made a new account and tried to link it with Spotify. It seems the app didn’t work, though — the Reddit user also shared a photo of a message that said, “This app is playable only on PS4,” which Eurogamer says is a standard error message when an app isn’t available.

image: u/HOLYWARS1990

A Reddit user’s photo of Apple…

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