Apple gains two big subscription podcast partners

apple gains two big subscription podcast partners

BBC Studios on Apple Podcasts | Image: BBC

Wow, November 2nd. Can you believe it’s Christmas already?!

In all seriousness, though, we do have a lot of presents for you today. Specifically: Three! exclusive! announcements! Also, if you don’t know me yet — hey! I’m Aria, Ashley’s Hot Pod sidekick. I publish mostly on Fridays for our Insider audience, which is another great reason to subscribe over there. I’m in for Ashley today, as she traverses the depths of hell, aka moves across NYC.

Now, guided by my trusting hand, let us go! To the news!


BBC brings exclusive podcasts abroad

As of today, Apple has another big partner for its paid podcast channels: BBC Studios. And unlike other subscription products, which mostly offer perks like ad-free listening for existing…

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