The Anker 547 Charger has four USB-C ports, with one that’s able to pump out 100W. | Image: Anker

Anker’s newly available 547 Charger may be a power brick to consider if you frequently travel with lots of USB-C devices or are in charge of keeping your family’s devices topped up (via 9to5Toys). Despite its relatively compact size, it packs four USB-C ports that are capable of putting out 120W of power at once.

The $120 charger has two 20 watt ports for phones or tablets and two higher-power ports, one of which is capable of providing up to 100W (or 90W if you have a phone plugged into one of the 20W ports).

Charging bricks with four USB-C ports aren’t exactly common, which can be annoying now that so many devices are compatible with the standard. Plus, with 120W, you…

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