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Amazon is now making its own TVs, and today marks the release of the company’s Omni and 4-Series Fire TVs. As the 4K HDR sets start making their way to customers, Amazon is making one more last-minute announcement: it plans to add support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit features “soon.”

AirPlay 2 makes it easy to play content on the TV screen from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. And HomeKit integration will allow the Omni and 4-Series TVs to be controlled by Siri or the Home app; it also makes it easy to include them in smart home routines.

Amazon has already rolled out AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to some of its “Fire TV Edition” TVs from Toshiba and Insignia. Curiously, these features have yet to come to the company’s standalone Fire TV…

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