Amazon’s Alexa and Cisco’s Webex are heading to deep space on NASA’s upcoming Moon mission

amazon’s alexa and cisco’s webex are heading to deep space on nasa’s upcoming moon mission

An artistic rendering of the Callisto system inside the Orion crew capsule for Artemis I | Image: Lockheed Martin

When NASA debuts its new massive deep-space rocket for the first time in the coming months, a familiar voice assistant and video teleconferencing tool will be going along for the ride. A version of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Cisco’s Webex videoconferencing platform will be included on the flight to space, part of a technology demonstration to see if these tools might benefit future astronauts flying to distant destinations like the Moon and Mars.

The upcoming flight is known as Artemis I, and it’s the first test mission in a series of flights planned for NASA’s Artemis program — an initiative to send the first woman and the first person of color to the surface of the Moon. Tentatively set for March, Artemis I will mark the…

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