Amazon Studios is reportedly trying to make a Mass Effect TV show

amazon studios is reportedly trying to make a mass effect tv show

Image: BioWare

According to a report by Deadline, Amazon isn’t relying on the just-launched Wheel of Time series and its upcoming Lord of the Rings show to pull in sci-fi/fantasy viewers. The entertainment news outlet reports that Amazon is “nearing a deal to develop a series” based on the Mass Effect games.

While Electronic Arts and BioWare have not announced a series, there have been more than a few hints. Earlier this year, the project director for EA’s remastered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition trilogy set told Business Insider that it’s “not a matter of if, but when” a movie or TV show project appears relating to the game.

There was also that interesting Instagram post in February from Henry Cavill, who may want to add male Commander Shepard to his…

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