Amazon is reportedly working on an Alexa-powered soundbar and wall-mounted Echo

amazon is reportedly working on an alexa-powered soundbar and wall-mounted echo

What’s next for Amazon’s family of Alexa-powered devices? A little bit of everything, according to a new report from Bloomberg News, which has a great overview of products the company is reportedly working on.

The e-commerce giant has never been afraid of throwing products at the wall to see what sticks, and its plans certainly seem to follow this ideology. Indeed, they even include a new big-screen Echo device that can be mounted on walls. Very appropriate.

Here’s what Amazon has in the hopper, according to Bloomberg:

  • Wall-mounted Echo: Following the launch of the display-equipped Echo Show line, Amazon is supersizing the screen with a “roughly 15-inch display.” The device is designed to be either mounted on the wall or placed on a…

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