Alienware’s Concept Nyx aims to let you cast your PC games to any screen you own

alienware’s concept nyx aims to let you cast your pc games to any screen you own

Contrary to this image, Concept Nyx squeezes both screens down in size to make the full playing space for each game viewable. | Dell

For CES 2022, Alienware is showing off its Concept Nyx, which imagines a future when loading and playing games on a variety of screens can happen as instantaneously as streaming music and TV shows. The idea is simple on its face (though undoubtedly complex underneath the veil): through the Nyx software, all of your PC games would be available to stream wirelessly to a variety of screens at home, regardless of where you bought them.

Imagine you’re playing Cyberpunk 2077 on your PC display, but you want to move over to the living room couch and play on a big TV. The idea is that you’d be able to tap a button in an app, and the game would wirelessly swap displays, letting you hog the TV all to yourself or have your game squeeze next to…

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