Alienware is resurrecting its eGPU with Concept Polaris

alienware is resurrecting its egpu with concept polaris

Alienware’s Concept Polaris is a far more fetching eGPU than its previous model. | Dell

We eulogized the end of Alienware’s graphics amplifier in mid-2021 when Dell discontinued it, but the company is returning to the space with Concept Polaris. It’s a concept for a liquid-cooled external graphics card enclosure with an estimated launch window of early 2022. Alienware doesn’t yet have a price, though its specs and design might make paying a premium worth it for some people.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of an eGPU, it’ll help you boost the graphical power of your laptop, provided it has the right ports and assuming you can actually get your hands on a powerful desktop GPU to put in a separate enclosure.

During our in-person walkthrough of the product, Alienware’s team stated repeatedly that the Polaris will connect…

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