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The aim of the Africa – Europe partnership is to create a space of solidarity, security, peace and sustainable prosperity.
Africa is home to over 1.3 billion people (17% of the world’s population).
It boasts the youngest, fastest-growing middle class in the world.
Team Europe is a lead contributor to COVAX with over $3 bn and the biggest donor of COVID-19 vaccines to Africa. 
The goal: 450 million vaccine doses shared by Team Europe delivered to Africa by mid-2022
Team Europe is the EU + member states + financial institutions (i.e. European Investment Bank)
Global Gateway Africa-Europe Investment Package: €150 billion for
Foreign direct investments stocks in Africa (2019)
11 out of the 18 missions and operations deployed under the EU’s common security and defence policy are being conducted in Africa.
Working together to:
Together, the European Union and the African Union account for 42% of the UN countries (27 + 55 out of 193)
Sources: the European Commission, United Nations
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