Adidas reveals a new, Xbox 360-inspired sneaker that you can actually buy

adidas reveals a new

Microsoft is continuing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox in style this year with a second themed Adidas sneaker: the Xbox 360 Forum Mid, which, as the name suggests, is inspired by the company’s second console.

The Xbox 360 design follows the first Xbox / Adidas collaboration, announced in October which took inspiration from the original Xbox console. The Xbox 360 Forum Mid, however, is decked out in the 360’s white, silver, and green color scheme for a 2005-era look, complete with plenty of subtle details that reference the original design. The velcro strap, for instance, is emblazoned with the disc tray from the 360, while the air vents and Xbox button are featured on the outside. Even the heel is designed to look like the…

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