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May 25, 2022, 08:33 ET
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LIMASSOL, Cyprus, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ADEX, an anti-fraud solution service, has provided infographic research on ad fraud losses by countries and industries predicted for 2022. This overview equips marketers with essential knowledge on preventing wasting budget on invalid traffic and ensures that specialists pay only for real traffic.
No doubt digital advertising is becoming an increasingly effective way to get traffic and the most profitable sales channel every year. In parallel with this, it is impossible not to note the surge in ad fraud.

This can be a serious problem for companies actively using this marketing tool. In other words, ignoring the problem of advertising fraud threatens large losses in advertising budgets. In addition, bots can not only drain large amounts and spoil statistics, but also negatively affect reputation.
The ADEX team conducted a study of losses from advertising fraud by country and industry, projected for 2022. From the infographics, users will be able to clearly understand what harm bots can cause to advertising companies in the near future.
According to the research, the Top 3 regions suffering from ad fraud are Americas, Europe, and APAC, with fixed losses from $19 bln to $56 bln in 2018-2022. As for the niches, Finance, Shopping and Gaming are among the top which face this problem every day.
The study shows that the problem of advertising fraud is not only thriving, but there are no indicators that the situation will change for the better in 2022. It is important to arm yourself with comprehensive fraud protection software in order to track and prevent fraud at the earliest opportunity.
Real-time fraud detection and prevention are among the best ways to prevent ad fraud and save campaigns from bot attacks.
About ADEX
ADEX is an anti-fraud solution aimed at immediate traffic analysis and urgent protective actions. It helps to fight fraud in real-time, rather than eliminate the consequences. The functionality of the platform includes all the necessary tools for detecting, redirecting, evaluating, reporting, and in-depth analysis of each website visitor, such as API, JS Tag, Postbacks, Callbacks, and others.
Also, ADEX is a member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising community, and the IAB TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework) certification winner.
Alina Fatchikhina
[email protected]
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