A doctor’s quest for more organ emoji

ios anatomical heart lungs new emoji 2020.0

The anatomical heart and lungs emoji, as seen on iOS. | Image: Apple/Emojipedia

The medical world needs more emoji, according to Shuhan He, an emergency medicine physician who helped propose the anatomical heart and lungs emoji. Now, He and others have laid out the case for an even larger variety of health-related emoji, which they argue could improve communication between doctors and patients.

In recent years, emoji related to medicine and health — like stethoscopes, hearing aids, bones, and microbes — have made their way into the Unicode Standard. In commentary published last week in JAMA, He and his co-authors hope Unicode will approve more emoji that could be used in medical contexts, including emoji for more organs, like the stomach, liver, and intestines, and equipment like an IV bag, CT scan, and pill pack….

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