8BitDo’s Xbox media remotes are cute and cheap

8bitdo’s xbox media remotes are cute and cheap

The white version of the 8BitDo Media Remote for Xbox is very compact.

For some reason, Microsoft doesn’t make a media remote for its Xbox Series consoles. There was a first-party option for the Xbox One, which should work well enough with the S and X (as most Xbox One accessories do), but it appears to have been discontinued. Perhaps it’s a casualty of Microsoft’s more recent focus on gaming over TV and entertainment.

Anyway, here’s renowned controller maker 8BitDo with a couple of officially licensed remotes designed for the new Series consoles. I’ve been using them with my Series X and One X, and I’ve found they do a good job at an affordable price, as long as they’ll work with your setup.

There are two versions of the Media Remote for Xbox, as 8BitDo calls it: a $24.99 “Long Edition” black model with a…

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