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Landing pages are integral parts of online marketing for businesses. It’s the first thing potential customers see when clicking ads or search engine result links. The primary purpose of landing pages is converting visitors into customers, whether businesses are selling products, offering services, or generating leads. It’s what convinces visitors to stay or leave.
Creating well-designed, optimized landing pages can increase conversion rates. This article reveals seven landing page best practices to get more clients.
Several factors make landing pages effective, including design, copy, and offer. These best practices will help design and optimize landing pages to help businesses achieve goals.
When creating landing pages, it’s essential to set specific goals. Perhaps the most common goal is to turn visitors into paying customers who will stick around and become brand ambassadors.
Remember that goals can change depending on what needs to be achieved at different business cycle stages. For instance, increasing brand awareness, promoting the flagship product, driving traffic to the website, or creating new leads may be important in the early stages of business.
When setting goals for landing pages, it’s essential to follow the principles of SMART goals, which stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. It is easier to measure and keep track of when a goal is specific.
Goals should also be achievable, not abstract aspirations or lofty ambitions. Landing page goals must be relevant to what businesses want to achieve. And finally, a goal should have a set timeframe for completion.
Here are some examples of clear and specific goals for creating a landing page:
– Generate 10,000 high-quality leads per month for three months.
– Increase website traffic by 50% for the month of April.
– Get 3,000 people to sign up for a course membership in two months.
– Increase product sales by 40% using the landing page as the sales funnel.
– Get 30% of site visitors who clicked on the ad to purchase the advertised product.
Effective landing pages must be designed with the target audience in mind. Businesses can create landing pages that will increasingly convert browsers into buyers by segmenting the target audience and catering to their specific needs and wants.
One way to determine the target audience is to perform market research. This can include studying the current customer base, surveying potential customers, or looking at industry trends.
Once there is a good understanding of the target audience, businesses can design landing pages around pain points. They should provide viable solutions to customers’ problems.
Headlines should be geared toward the target audience, as should the rest of the content. Using different media types such as videos or infographics will also appeal to the target audience.
When it comes to online marketing, landing pages are currency. After all, this is where potential customers are directed. So, landing pages must effectively persuade visitors to take a closer look at what’s being offered and take the desired action.
It’s not enough to make websites visually appealing and easy to navigate. Websites must also be optimized to create positive user experiences. Many factors influence how well a landing page performs. But two of the most critical factors are how quickly pages load and how responsive they are on different devices.
A slow page loading speed can negatively impact landing page performance. This is because it’s a significant deterrent for potential customers and can cause them to leave the page before it has even fully loaded. One of the best ways to speed up landing pages is by reducing the size of images.
Additionally, if landing pages are not responsive to mobile devices, businesses will likely lose potential customers browsing from their smartphones or tablets.
When writing copy for landing pages, it’s essential to make them simple and easily understood. Visitors should be able to read through quickly and get information right away.
Here’s how businesses can improve copywriting skills and create content that will resonate with the target audience.
– Use the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) technique. When used in copywriting, it’s a framework to get the reader’s attention, keep their interest, build desire, and prompt action. It can be used on landing pages to create persuasive copy that encourages people to sign up for an emailing list or buy products.
– Use storytelling. Stories that resonate with the target audience are more likely to persuade them to take action.
– Write as people talk. Copywriting is all about making customers understand the message. Short, concise sentences with simple words connect businesses with customers more personally, resulting in more conversions.
– Use active voice. This makes writing more engaging and helps keep the customer’s attention focused.
Grow My Ads has an excellent example of a landing page with a clear message enhanced by adding elements like simple images, bullet points, and a call to action. Another great example is Full Harvest’s page.
Call-to-actions (CTAs) should tell site visitors what businesses want them to do, and it should match up with advertisements. For example, if an ad promises a free trial, the landing page should have a call to action that offers a free trial.
The placement of CTAs is crucial to landing pages and need to be placed in spots where they are most likely to be clicked.
Long-form landing pages benefit when CTAs are at the top or “above the fold,” so visitors don’t have to scroll down to find it. Conversely, shorter pages benefit from CTAs at the bottom, so visitors don’t forget about them.
A good example is Leadhackrs. Multiple CTAs are placed strategically across the landing page of a real estate business.
Landing pages with strong testimonial presences convert better. Testimonials add social proof to landing pages and help visitors feel more confident in their decision to buy or support your brand. When people see that others have had success with your product, they are more likely to convert.
TimeDoctor does this exceptionally well for their employee-monitoring software landing page. They feature testimonials from individuals, teams, and companies that use their software. The testimonials give site visitors a sense of what the product is like and whether or not it’s worth their time and money.
If businesses want to increase landing page conversion rates, they can include plenty of testimonials from happy customers. This will help persuade visitors to take the next step and help build trust and credibility for the brand.
One way to test the effectiveness of a landing page is by implementing A/B testing to find and use the top-performing landing page version.
Test different headlines, images, offers, and sales pitches to see which ones convert best. This can help increase conversion rates, as businesses can pinpoint the elements of the page that are most appealing to visitors and make tweaks accordingly.
By following the seven best practices discussed in this article, businesses can start creating and optimizing landing pages to get more clients. For starters, businesses must have specific goals. Then, businesses have to make sure the copy is easy to understand and relevant to what’s being offered.
Landing pages should be simple and easy to navigate, with clear CTAs that lead visitors to the next step in their purchase journey. Businesses should also test different versions via A/B testing to see which one best performs. By following these tips, businesses can create landing pages that will attract more clients and boost sales and profit.
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