6 Reasons Infographics Can Help Your Content Strategy – liherald

Tuesday, March 1, 2022
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(NewsUSA) – It wasn’t that long ago that Infographics were the "It" tool for public relations and marketing – until they weren’t.
To understand why infographics should still be a viable campaign strategy for clients, we need to understand the history behind them.
In 2012, everyone was producing infographics — usually of low-quality design, although as agencies became more versed in how effective these could be as a sales to market a client’s product, more high-design infographics began emerging. In fact, according to one experienced UK-based SEO and content provider says he was creating 200 to 300 infographics per year in 2014.
In 2016, the industry became flooded, and journalists began rejecting pitches that included, to date, these time-tested marketing strategies.
Fast forward four years, and there remains an argument for keeping infographics as a viable marketing tool in your stable of resources that you pitch to clients. Here’s why:
The bottom line is that infographics continue to be a solid tool when used correctly and can potentially add fantastic benefits as part of a wider content marketing strategy.
6 reasons infographics can help your content strategy – liherald