5 Innovative B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Post Covid Success – Uganda

Meta: Empathetic selling, custom messaging, and value-driven solutions are central to driving lead generation in a post-covid world. Here are 5 tactics worth considering.
We’re all too familiar with the tectonic disruptions the Covid-19 pandemic dealt the business world. Some businesses saw unprecedented growth, while most barely it made through the economic reverberations that followed.
You’ve got to love human resilience, though, because teams were busy exploring innovative ways to stay afloat and attract new customers amid the disruptions.
They understood that buyer priorities and motivations had changed and embraced approaches that managed the near term and prepared for a post-crisis future.
These teams combine person-to-person communication with analytics and empathetic selling to deliver value-driven solutions to potential customers. Let’s explore several innovative lead gen strategies that will likely take centre stage.
With ABM, brands target select accounts that according to data represent considerable growth opportunities should they receive customized support.
Even though lead generation is your goal, ABM delivers a holistic view of key accounts, allowing you to target both existing and potential customers.
For existing customers, cross-selling or upselling will allow you to deliver more value while growing your revenue. And with new accounts, you’ll be closing deals.
While putting together your ABM strategy, you’ll need to consider the specific attributes of these accounts to ensure every campaign, every touchpoint is befittingly personalised.
It’s the best way to spark interest and encourage engagement.
Best practices include:
5 innovative b2b lead generation strategies for post covid success – uganda
Determining ROI from marketing efforts, identifying which campaigns worked, uncovering potential improvements, and forecasting are key factors in lead generation.
The best way to measure them so you know what’s working, what’s not working, and the why is by analysing data. Through tools like Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, Buffer, Cyfe, HubSpot, Klipfolio, and SendPulse you can quantify your marketing efforts.
Some tools evaluate all marketing data while others focus on specific channels like social media, email marketing, or ads. It depends on your needs.
Top benefits include:
5 innovative b2b lead generation strategies for post covid success – uganda
The lockdown in many ways humanised us. Today we appreciate being able to move freely, interact freely, and have real conversations with real humans all the more.
If you want to initiate relationships with potential customers, away from search engine ads and other remote tactics, then cold calling is it. It’s an exclusive opportunity to engage real people with the tone of your voice and introduce them to your offerings.
Best practices include:
5 innovative b2b lead generation strategies for post covid success – uganda
Today’s audiences will hardly part with their contact info unless they believe the information you’re sharing is valuable. Communicating your knowledge of consumer needs and solutions through infographics is a non-aggressive way of reaching out to prospects.
Compared to long-form content, they are snackable and visually appealing, meaning people can go through them quickly and derive value.
As your audiences consume the infographics, they perceive your technical expertise, which builds trust and encourages them to engage your brand. These audiences will be comfortable sharing their contact since they believe you have more to offer.
Top considerations include:
5 innovative b2b lead generation strategies for post covid success – uganda
We are naturally social and gravitate towards those who share our values, beliefs, passions, and interests.
So it’s no wonder that many people join online communities to follow critical issues or maintain touch with thought leaders. Here, they feel empowered to raise issues, ask questions and answer questions.
For the marketer, industry-relevant online communities and forums are an excellent opportunity to observe conversations around issues and provide expert advice.
You can command industry authority by consistently sharing in-depth and accurate information. Not to mention gain access to a pool of user-inspired content for your content marketing strategy.
Unwritten rules of conduct include:
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