10 reviews that defined The Verge’s first decade

10 reviews that defined the verge’s first decade

Reviews have been part of The Verge’s DNA since the very beginning. Before the beginning, actually — in the site’s prehistory as This Is My Next, reviews were one of the core elements of continuity in the months before we launched The Verge for real. In those days, we were tackling terrible Android and BlackBerry tablets, evaluating the first wave of Intel ultrabooks, and heaping praise on the then-revolutionary Galaxy Nexus.

Since then, we’ve been there for the rise of drones, VR, smartwatches, foldables, OLED screens, mirrorless cameras, voice assistants, video doorbells, and streaming media boxes, not to mention the best smartphones and the most impractical laptops. From the beginning, The Verge has picked the products…

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